12 years ago

Descendants of W.C. Slater and W.C. Metcalf, brothers-in-law who came to Panhandle in 1907 and settled southwest of town, recently held their 71st annual Slater-Metcalf reunion on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at Amarillo’s Thompson Park. A total of 55 family members attended. A picnic lunch kicked off the event at 1:00 p.m.

After lunch a meeting was conducted by President Sam Metcalf and Secretary/Treasurer Belinda Houlihan to discuss family business. A raffle for door prizes was held.

The day was a little warm but perfect for younger members of the family to play frisbee, soccer, and feed the ducks. Older family members enjoyed relaxing and visiting.

Slater-Metcalf descendents in attendance were:

From Panhandle —Sharon Daughters; Evelyn Detten; Larry and Dana Koetting with Scott; Dan and Patricia Looten with Kalli; Devin and Mandy Sinclair with Savannah, Jack, and Gus; and Erskine and Frances Sinclair.

From Amarillo –Donald and Dolores Detten; Suzanne Detten; Steven and Kate Dolezal with Sofia; Adam and Frances Gamez; Chris and Connie Lopez with Payton, Loren, and Diego; Ty and Michelle Mayfield with Brady and Madi; Sam Metcalf; and Phil and Belinda Houlihan with Maggie, Paul, and Luke.

Also attending –Steve and Kathy Terry of Carrollton; Holley Williamson with Hunter and Brooke of Corpus Christi; Alice Kuehler and Ron and Laura Kuehler with Lauren, Alex, Michael, and Stephen of Groom; Mary Lane, Sarah Stockman, and Rachael Stockman with Malachi and Kaileb of Pampa.