4 years ago

Panhandle Junior High was named the UIL District Academic Champions at the UIL District Meet in Clarendon on Dec. 13 and 14.

Panhandle Junior High Academic UIL participants.[/caption]Individual and team results are as follows:

Calculator Applications
Eighth Grade: 3. Emma Tow; 6. Kloee Kowalewski

Chess Puzzles
Sixth Grade: 2. Shayla Walker; 5. Michael Thies
Seventh Grade: 2. (tie) Korbin Preston and Kelby Olson; 4. Dylan Davis
Eighth Grade: 5. (tie) Chris Lanham and Tayte Ogletree

Dictionary Skills
Sixth Grade: 2. Makenzy Segura; 4. Hayley Ferrier
Seventh Grade: 1. Kelby Olson
Eighth Grade: 1. Kloee Kowalewski; 6. (tie) Audree Brassfield and Levi McGill

Editorial Writing
Sixth Grade: 2. Katherine Sidders
Eighth Grade: 2. Casey Purvines; 3. Moses Montgomery

Impromptu Speaking
Sixth Grade: 1. Maddi Mosteller; 2. Shawn Lancaster; 3. Logan Lofink
Seventh Grade: 2. McCade Smith; 3. Kinley Ford
Eighth Grade: 2. Payton Pohlmeier; 3. Keeley Harding; 4. Rylee Ward

Listening Skills
Sixth Grade: 1. Gemma Garrett
Seventh Grade: 1. Grace Sims; 6. Savannah Sinclair

Maps, Graphs and Charts
Sixth Grade: 3. Ella Allison; 5. Jade Hernandez; 6. Logan Krogh
Seventh Grade: 6. Savannah Sinclair
Eighth Grade: 1. Julia Cargill; 2. Karsyn Brown; 3. Tatum Neuwirth

Eighth Grade: 1. Caden Rocha

Modern Oratory
Sixth Grade: 1. Ella Allison; 3. Gemma Garrett; 4. Logan Krogh
Seventh Grade: 2. McCade Smith; 3. Colter Lynch
Eighth Grade: 2. Keeley Harding; 3. Audree Brassfield; 4. Payton Pohlmeier

Sixth Grade: 6. Natalie Coats Benson

Number Sense
Sixth Grade: 2. Caley Purvines; 3. Luke Leisher
Seventh Grade: 2. Katelyn Haney; 4. Shyann Bixby; 6. Trae Auston
Eighth Grade: 1. Chris McLaughlin; 2. Maycie Hammer

Oral Reading
Sixth Grade: 4. Brighton Evans; 6. Annika Dumaoal
Seventh Grade: 6. Makenna Sanchez

Ready Writing
Sixth Grade: 3. Dallas Coffee
Eighth Grade: 3. Audree Brassfield

Seventh Grade: 1. Joey Stephenson
Eighth Grade: 5. Brady Mosteller

Social Studies
Sixth Grade: 1. Ella Allison; 2. Whitney Kennedy; 3. Callie Nail
Seventh Grade: 1. Andrew Menefee
Eighth Grade: 1. Moses Montgomery

Sixth Grade: 5. Sydney Crocfer
Seventh Grade: 5. T.J. Kennedy
Eighth Grade: 1. Julia Cargill; 5. Ryli Stevens

This year, PJH students were coached by PISD teachers and community members. Hats off to Jessica Cates (Art and Mathematics), Tara Ogletree (Calculator Applications), James Meaker (Chess Puzzles), Paige Adams (Dictionary Skills), Shaun Wink (Editorial Writing), Brenda Sherwood (Impromptu Speaking and Modern Oratory), Bree Reid (Listening Skills), Tina Fussell (Maps, Graphs and Charts), Jacob Heck (Music), Debbie Jones (Number Sense), Brandi Brame (Oral Reading), Jackie Hill (Ready Writing), Jill Pohlmeier (Science), Misty Mosteller (Social Studies) and Kim Cates (Spelling).

The Herald congratulates each and every student and teacher on a job well done.