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Panhandle High School honored students for their academic achievements during the 2018-2019 school year at the Academic Assembly on Tuesday, April 30.

Earning awards were:
Accounting – Wade Alexander
Algebra I – Chevy Scott, Mackie Land
Algebra II – Daniel Byers, Olivia Horner, Halle Ford, Ben Pulliam
Anatomy & Physiology – Whitney Jones
Audio/Video Production I – Wilson Darbyshire
Audio/Video Production II – Gage Hughey
BIM – Caden Rocha, Hallie Bonner
BIM II Dual Credit (DC) – Nichole Watson
Biology I – Caden Rocha
Calculus – Kaison Kirkland
Chemistry – Jackson Kuehler
Child Development – Hallie Bonner
College Algebra – Dax Ammons
College Trigonometry – David Neusch
CX Debate – Carter Neil, Andrew Neusch
Digital Media – Bree Baker
Dollars & Sense – Christian DeBose
Economics – Josiah Brown
Economics DC – Nichole Watson
English I – Moses Montgomery
English II – Jackson Kuehler
English III (Oliver) – Kinley Hammer, Makenna Reynolds
English III (Ray) – Jayci Stokes
English IV – Mack Leven
Family & Consumer Science – Braden Rogers
Game Design – Jayse Edwards
Geometry – Casey Purvines
Government – Michael Neusch
Government DC – Dax Ammons
Graphic Design I – Wyatt Conway, Baylee Ogletree
Graphic Design II – Jordyn Hays
Health Science – Kaison Kirkland
LD Debate – Josh Pavez
Math Models – Hailee Whitehead
Medical Terminology – Makenna Reynolds, Evee Horner, Braedon Stout
Pharmacology – Megan Anderson
Physics – Brennan Reed -
Principles of Health Science – Mackenzie Stephenson, Keeley Harding
Principles of Human Service – Hallie Thompson
Robotics – Cade Swinford
Spanish I – Audree Brassfield, Mackenzie Stephenson
Spanish II – Ashleigh George, Evyn Winborne
Statistics – Francisco Sollano
Theater Arts I –Emma Tow, David Neusch
Theater Arts II – Jayci Stokes
Theater Arts III – Emery McCown
Theater Arts IV – Josiah Brown
Trigonometry – Kyli Pace
U.S. History – Jarod Richardson, Cameron Thiem, Mitch Boland
World History – Keeley Harding, Camden Petrie, Audree Brassfield

Academic All-State Athletes
Masyn Reining - Texas Girls Coaches Association (TGCA) and Texas Association of Basketball Coaches (TABC)
Bree Baker – TABC
Dallen Jones – Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) and TABC
Kaison Kirkland – THSCA and TABC
Baylee Ogletree – THSCA and TABC
Cutter Jones – TABC
Kaison Kirkland – Tennis
Braedon Stout – Tennis

FCCLA State Qualifiers
Maycie Hammer and Karsyn Brown – Fourth place in State
Acacia Barker, Kinley Hammer, Avery Huddle, Megan Anderson, Olivia Horner, Kendall Woods, Ashleigh George

Ag Awards
Star Greenhand – Kollier Miller
Outstanding FFA Freshman – Jett Bradford
Star Chapter – Jackson Kuehler
Outstanding FFA Sophomore – Evyn Winborne
Star Lonestar – Kade Miller
Outstanding FFA Junior – MacKenzi Miller
Star American – Mack Leven
Outstanding FFA Senior – Cutter Jones
Ag Mechanics – Zane Hackett

State Qualifying Ag Students
Mack Leven, Cooper Jones, Cutter Jones, Brennan Reed, Kade Miller, MacKenzi Miller, Kollier Miller, Jett Bradford, Cash Bixby
Lair Personalities
Bree Baker, Lainey Choate, Kinley Graham, Whitney Jones, Cooper Jones, Cutter Jones, Andrew Neusch, Luke Ray
Cutter Jones and Whitney Jones were named Mr. and Miss PHS.

2019 Class Favorites
Seniors – Whitney Jones, Cutter Jones, Luke Ray
Juniors – Kinley Hammer, Alex Kuehler, Kade Miller
Sophomores – Makenna Reynolds and Casen Jones
Freshmen – Keeley Harding, Graci Veazey, Caden Rocha

2018-2019 National Honor Society Officers
President – Whitney Jones
Vice President – Acacia Barker
Secretary – Andrew Neusch
Treasurer – Kaison Kirkland
Senior Members – Dax Ammons, Acacia Barker, Destiny Cummings, Emily Jones, Whitney Jones, Kaison Kirkland, Mack Leven, Sara McMinn, Andrew Neusch, Baylee Ogletree, Kyli Pace, Colton Purvines, Luke Ray, Masyn Reining, Ethan Shadid, Nichole Watson
Junior Members – Wade Alexander, Daniel Byers, Keslea Ford, Brayden Forbes, Shayla Gandy, Kinley Graham, Kinley Hammer, Houston Heck, Riley Hedrick, Alex Kuehler, Kade Miller, MacKenzi Miller, Carter Neil, David Neusch, Ben Pulliam, Brennan Reed, Ella Satterwhite, Margaret Smith, Rebecca Urbanczyk

2019-2020 National Honor Society Officers
President – Kade Miller
Vice President – Kinley Hammer
Secretary – Margaret Smith
Treasurer – David Neusch
New Inductees – Luke Battle, Halle Ford, Ashleigh George, Lauren Gonzales, Gauge Hackett, Olivia Horner, Avery Huddle, Mason Jones, Wesley Jones, Jackson Kuehler, Luke McCoy, Camden Pace, Josh Pavez, Makenna Reynolds, Dylan Segura, Prezley Shadid, Emmery Sides, Jayci Stokes, Annison Thomas, Bailey Walterscheid, Kendall Woods

Senior Who Who’s
*Class Mom and Dad – Acacia Barker and Andrew Neusch
*Best Sense of Style – Kyli Pace and Luke Ray
*Most Likely to Become a Meme – Sierra Morris and Gage Hughey
*Best Person to Bring Home to Mom and Dad – Kyli Pace and Cutter Jones
*Best Glo-Up – Lainey Choate and Colton Purvines
*Most Punchy – Sara McMinn and Cooper Jones
*Cutest Couple that Never Was – Hallie Bonner and Josiah Brown
*Born in the Wrong Decade – Emery McCown and Michael Neusch

Also recognized were the UIL District participants (*denotes Regional Qualifier) Wade Alexander, Rebecca Urbanczyk, *Kaison Kirkland, *Daniel Byers, *Wesley Jones, Keeley Harding, Lauren Gonzales, *Wilson Darbyshire, *Keslea Ford, *Kinley Hammer, *Makenna Reynolds, Cayli Theim, *Josh Pavez, Jackson Kuehler, *Caden Rocha, *David Neusch, *Emily Jones, *Emory Veazey, *Andrew Neusch, *Carter Neil and *Jayci Stokes.

Makenna Reynolds and Jayci Stokes were also UIL State Qualifiers.