11 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

Friday, May 31, 2013, the Panhandle Chamber of Commerce Board met in the conference room at Happy State Bank. Those attending were, Billie Poteet, Bill and Glenna McLeod, Dorothy Broadaway, Rick and Anne Easter, Dixie Surratt and John Dale and CJ Kelly. The invocation was given by Rick Easter.

Several items of business were on the agenda, one being the financial statement given by Anne Easter, Treasurer. There are no outstanding bills at this time and dues are continuing to be added to the Chamber.

Due to recent interest shown by local residents toward the Chamber, the consensus of the Board is to continue working toward the building of a better and more efficient Panhandle Chamber of Commerce. As stated before, ‘our Chamber will only be as strong and as effective as the action put forth by it's members’; the key word seems to be ‘action’ and that often times includes the working together of a lot of people!

Accolades were given to Rick Easter, who has put forth a lot of 'unseen' work to keep the Chamber active in this community; and the intent is to ‘keep on keeping on.’ Anyone, or any business, is encouraged to come be a part of the Chamber's future endeavors. It is surprising how many calls come to the Chamber from out of this area and out of state, requesting information about Panhandle, so it is a ‘tool’ for growth if used properly. The Chamber can be reached at 537-4325.

A general meeting is to be held Tuesday, June 11, 2013, at 7:00 PM, In the Hazelwood Annex of the Carson County Museum. It was decided, rather than set dates for the Board to meet, at least through the summer, ‘called’ meetings would be issued when deemed necessary.

The Chamber of Panhandle is listed in the State Tour Book and it was brought to the attention of the Board, the information for that publication needs to be updated. Also requests for pamphlets or DVDs with information about out town was discussed. While that, too, needs updating, the Board felt pamphlets were the better direction to go; DVDs become obsolete quickly and the cost factor is greater.

Shelly Fish-Oliver has indicated she would be able to assist with some of the office needs; this news was welcomed by Board members and the Chamber will reimburse Shelly for her time.

The Board meeting adjourned.