10 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

Monday, March 18, 2013, the Panhandle Chamber of Commerce met in the board room of the Happy State Bank. Those in attendance were President Rick Easter, Ann Easter, Billie Poteet, Bill and Glenna McLeod, J.D. and C.J. Kelly. After the invocation by Billie Poteet, a letter of resignation from Viola Moore was read and regretfully accepted by those present at the meeting; Viola has been a vital part of the Chamber, and her expertise in various considerations will be missed; she will be moving with her husband, Dale, to the Galveston area in the near future; the Panhandle Chamber of Commerce wishes them well.

After reading the minutes, Glenna McLeod made a motion to accept; J.D. Kelly seconded the motion. Ann Easter, Treasurer, gave the financial report; a motion by C.J. to accept with a second by Bill McLeod; dues are still being received and that was noted in the meeting.

Rick announced he will be visiting with other Chamber groups in
area; this will be beneficial to each individual Chamber as ideas and experiences are exchanged. The focus of the Chamber meeting, Monday, was concerning the Panhandle Chamber of Commerce: ‘Past, Present, and Future’. We are living in an era where so much technology is available, that Chamber activities everywhere may be seeing the ‘old ways’ of promoting their towns, being done in a completely different setting. Members voiced their ideas concerning this topic, and will continue to evaluate the local Chamber and its future. The meeting was adjourned.