11 years ago

By Clara Jane Kelly

The Hazelwood Building was the place for the monthly noon meeting, Monday, Aug. 20, of the Panhandle Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is beginning to pick up in members and is looking forward to some good things for the city of Panhandle. It is especially good when we can get active 'business' members to attend the meetings; that really helps with information as to what the town's needs are and how those needs can be met. 

John Dale Kelly offered the invocation and Rick Easter opened the meeting by introducing Judy Sternburg as a new Chamber member. Other members present were Ann Easter, Bill and Glenna McLeod, Sissy King, Dorothy Broadaway, Viola Moore, and CJ Kelly.

The 2012 football calendars are ready to be distributed; if you fail to get one, please contact the Chamber Office. Rick was able to pass some of those out at the recent 'Meet and Greet' watermelon feed held at the football field; as soon as possible, members will be getting those to the businesses and members in general.

The financial statement was given and a good report put smiles on the members’ faces. The Chamber, with the help of many community members paying their dues, is looking at 'black' figures and that makes for a better run Chamber. Appreciation was expressed for all the assistance in that regard. Ann Easter has accepted the position of Treasurer and Viola Moore will act as Secretary; others expressed their willingness to act as 'volunteers' for various Chamber projects.

The annual Mexican Pile On Dinner before Homecoming will be held again this year in the school cafeteria, Friday, Sept. 28, 5-7 p.m. Pricing for adults and students $7; children 3 to 6 years of age $3, and under 3 years is Free. This is always a fun time, with good food, and lots of great visiting with ‘long lost’ friends!

The next regular Chamber meeting will be held Monday, Sept. l7, 2012 at noon in the Carson County Square House Museum Hazelwood Building.