10 years ago

Trains, whistles, trains, and more trains are found in the Hazlewood Auditorium. The Scot-Free Railroad Club once again has set up their miles of train tracks and you can watch trains running through the picturesque countryside and cities. The entire auditorium is full of trains! Also displayed on the gallery walls are pictures of famous trains and rail yards from the train collectors as well as pictures from the Museum collection.

The Square House hosts original paintings by Groom native and Panhandle resident, Herman Koetting. Mr. Koetting has a diverse variety of watercolor paintings from scenic landscapes to rustic barns and churches. Paintings of various birds are one of the highlights of this display. A unique part of this display includes a portrait of a horse and cowboy painted by his son, Chris Koetting. Both father and son are extremely talented artists.

An Easter collection of crosses from Panhandle resident, Carolyn Beddingfield, showcases two displays of multiple styles and types of crosses. Some are very ornate and some simple, but no two are alike! Ardell McAtee’s Tiara Depression glassware fills another display case and has some extremely unusual pieces such as a clock, wine decanter and glasses, and candlesticks. Mrs. McAtee’s collection is extensive and beautiful!

Don’t miss these unique exhibits! They will be exhibited until the end of May so make a point to come by the Museum and see them!