9 years ago

The history of the snowman is shrouded in history and because of the temporary nature of snow, we have no hard or fast evidence of their first existence. However, there are artistic representations of snowmen dating back to the Middle Ages. According to historian and expert Bob Eckstein, snowman-making is one of the oldest folk arts. The popularity of the snowman reached a new height in 1950 when Gene Autry recorded his Christmas hit, “Frosty the Snowman.” Frosty quickly became a magical holiday icon that invokes a feeling of happiness, simplicity and joy … a magical reminder of the simple pleasures of childhood.

Marcia Carter has collected snowmen for over twenty years from family and friends. Her favorites are the fiber optic snowman and “Tommy the Talking Snowman” which is motion activated. Many of her snowmen were given to her by members of the First United Methodist Choir of Panhandle. The most recent addition to her collection is the beautiful snow globe.