10 years ago

JordanLangehennigThis 15-year-old neighbor has lived his whole life in Panhandle. His roots go deep here, as most of his mother’s family have been a part of the community for many years. He enjoys visiting with his grandparents who live right across the street from him.
He is classified as a sophomore. He and his brother have been homeschooled with a condensed DVD curriculum produced by a Bible-based private school since they were both pre-school age.

This young man is one of the most mature teenagers you’ll ever talk to. His ability to communicate with genuine interest to people of all ages is impressive, to say the least. He not only listens well, but he articulates his own thoughts and feelings with a passion that leaves the listener with a renewed zest for life!

In his spare time, he enjoys listening to every kind of music, but he prefers gypsy-jazz and techno-swing. He also likes to work with his hands, building and creating things. He is currently constructing a life-sized replica of the android C3PO from the blockbuster movie, Star Wars.

He came into The Herald office with a beautiful hand-made leather satchel strapped across his body. When we asked about his hobbies, he said, “I love leather-working!” and he lifted the pouch and proclaimed, “I made this.” Then he extracted from the bag another interesting piece of handiwork; a leather-bound journal. Each item was uniquely decorated with various designs and symbols. Very cool.

This remarkable guy also happens to be the only bagpiper in Panhandle, and one of only six bagpipers within a 250 mile radius. He’s been piping for about five years. His instructor, who he used to see weekly in Amarillo, moved to Montana, so now he has his lessons over Skype.

Known as the Panhandle Piper, our neighbor is also a qualified teacher of the pipes, himself. He plays mostly Scottish music and his usual venue is veterans’ events. He recently was invited to go on the annual Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. with about 120 war veterans to play at a ceremony that honors these men who fought from WWII through Vietnam. His parents and brother also got to go along. He explained with genuine humility, “Being able to squeeze this thing and have it make noise has opened a lot of doors for me.”
It’s an amazing talent, for sure, but this guy’s meekness, combined with a gentle self-assuredness and a zeal for all the good things life has to offer has most certainly made an impression, too! Panhandle, meet Jordan Langehennig!