12 years ago

I would like to extend my appreciation for the wonderful work you have done with the paper. I began reading The Herald in elementary school and continued to subscribe through college and several years after graduating. Needless to say, I became adept at defending our publication to my big-city friends with their big-city papers. During this time the paper was always consistent – in the great and mediocre. I could rely on it for school, city, and county information events. I could also rely on it to arrive a day late to our house in the country, two weeks late to my out-of-state address, and to have a generous helping of typographical and grammatical errors. I still remember my English teacher grandmother taking out her red pen and using it to tutor me each week. To me they were just endearing quirks of small-town news, but eventually I let the subscription lapse due to the delay in receiving papers.

Thus my surprise and elation upon learning that The Herald was now available electronically for what I felt was an extremely reasonable price. Moreover, I opened my first copy to see the quality of content had also gone up considerable – gone were the typos and grammatical errors! Now each Thursday I have the pleasure of opening a beautiful copy of The Herald as early as anyone in Panhandle. To all the staff and contributors, please accept my gratitude for a job very well done and a publication of which I am extremely proud.

Clay Cleek
(Signature on file)