6 years ago

Dear Editor,

This letter is long overdue to my hometown of Panhandle, TX. Thoughts are that most if not all the sentiments expressed are not solely mine. Forgive me, if I don’t politically sanitize every word. However, I’m sure that language sanitation (LS) is not required in this editorial. But wait! LS might be on the next round of public education testing requirements. I pray otherwise.

Seems of late, many men/women that had a direct hand in my life have passed. Countless times I still hear their words of wisdom resonating in the grey matter between my pointed ears. How would they have faced some of the tough challenges and doubt storms? Then I remember in whom they ultimately placed their trust.

Whether it was science, sports, social studies, language arts, music, history, or home economics the teachers who I was privileged to have were more than just teachers. Why, because they taught more than book learned lessons. For me they and the Panhandle community taught life lessons. You (all) got “it” right.

The “it” is honor, integrity, love, courage, humility, and faith. Throughout my travels and educational opportunities across the United States, I’ve encountered this same life’s philosophy. But the standard I used for comparison was Panhandle and the people of Carson County.

Fleshing out the “it” concept one has to look no further than the words of the Apostle Paul. Words that were written down for posterity’s sake in Almighty God’s Book. Those that know me wouldn’t be surprised to find out that The Bible was my first real grown up book to read. Those Biblical men/women never compromised the truth even if the truth cost them their earthly everything.

Life lessons learned from a little map dot town in the Texas Panhandle. Life lessons learned from those “so called” little people in/around that little country town. Life lessons learned from a “so called” little book of “so called” little fables. (I’m still studying that little book for my final earthly examination before the heavenly author…an eternal pass or fail.)
What a huge comfort not only to me, but many others that the above life lessons learned/to be learned are still the truth. “It” still matters because a God inspired life still matters. Thank you for showing and teaching “it” to me those many years ago.

Lisa Wagner – PHS Class of 1981 (ret. 3 times, now just tired!) – Professional writer/copyrighter/current business owner.

P.S. “Having raised little sheep for many years. I have come to understand this: Many little sheep are followers. Few little sheep are leaders.” L. Rae Wagner – 06-06-2014