8 years ago

I have been told that people, who live outside the Panhandle Independent School District, have offered two checks of $10,000 each with more to come, are attempting to buy the right to name the Panther Stadium for a person of their choosing, Stocky Lamberson. This decision should be the wishes of the residents of the district. Would this have been discussed by the board if there was not an offer of money?

A gift with strings attached is no gift.

Should naming school facilities be for sale?

The name “Panther Stadium” honors every Panhandle athlete that has played Panhandle football and coach that has coached Panhandle football.

Please let the PISD Board Members Mike Vance, Chris Ray, Jowannah Powers, Randy Kennedy, John ”Bubba” Smith, Derek Heck, and Terry Coffee know your thoughts on this.

Don Bednorz (signature on file)