9 years ago

I would like to say thank you to everyone in the community who supported me! Without you I wouldn’t have been able to go to Romania and do God’s work. While in Romania, God opened my eyes to so many things! The last Sunday we were in Romania a group of us went to a Gypsy village, in this village they had no electricity or running water. Their house had no doors or windows and most the kids ran around in little to no clothes. That made me appreciate the things I have at home such as a roof over my head and plenty of clothes in my closet. God has blessed me so much; more than I have realized it before going on this trip. In this Gypsy village I also held a baby boy who was about two months old. He had no clothes on and was very dirty. I could take my finger and wipe the dirt off of his skin and his fingernails were filled with dirt. But he was the most precious little boy I have ever held. As I was holding him I began to cry, I had never realized that people actually lived this way until I saw it firsthand.

I also realized how much we take the little luxuries in life we have for granted, such as air conditioning. In Romania, they had no air conditioning! One Sunday as we had church services I noticed something, though the church had no air conditioning the people were worshipping with all their heart, being grateful for the things they did have!
This just made me think about how grateful I had been for things that God had blessed me with. I was also blessed by the Tyler family. This is the family that is missionaries in Romania. I had never met such a sweet family who was so willing to do God’s work. They could speak the Romanian language fluently and were always willing to take time out of their day to translate for us.

The first week we were there, the Tylers’ church and our team held Vacation Bible School. Though most of the time I couldn’t understand what the kids were saying I really enjoyed playing with them! I was touched by how happy the kids were when we taught them to fist pound. Their faces would light up as we would try to communicate with them! The people I met and things I saw were unforgettable and helped me realize how much God needs people like the Tylers to be willing to do His work!

Once again I would like to thank everyone for all of the support and prayers. I really appreciate the community and everything you did. You not only blessed me, but you took a part in touching the lives of the people of Romania. Thanks once again!!

Rubie Alarcon