12 years ago

Dear Friends,

My heart is grieving over the loss of Saint Ann’s Nursing Home, for its residents, for the city of Panhandle and Carson County. Did you know that the home was one of the largest employers in Carson County? Those precious residents had a family camaraderie and became confused and upset at having to move elsewhere.

St. Ann’s has always had a very good reputation. It was always clean and welcoming. I have heard many resident families compliment the facility on care giving. The nurses and caregivers were kind and compassionate, and usually quick to respond to “calls”.

I feel that I have had firsthand experience with the home, as I was the guardian of a female resident for several years and my mother resided at St. Ann’s as well. I have taught a Sunday school class, every Sunday morning, to the residents, for the past four years.

These days, there are many who would rather avoid the thought of growing old. However, we all face the inevitable course in time, when one is enveloped in the “winter years.” Of course, we elderly want to stay in our own homes as long as possible, but the day comes when a decision must be made: “Where must I live now?” With the price of gasoline and senior housing on the rise, the most practical solution for Panhandle residents, and those from surrounding towns, was St. Ann’s Nursing Home.

So, why did St. Ann’s close? I do not believe it was due to an extreme lack of residents. I know there was usually a waiting list. Indeed, there was a need for repairs and refurbishing, a factor all such facilities must face. I am not familiar with how such a facility is run; however, I wonder if all had been done to manage the home in an efficient manner? Only those who were directly involved with St. Ann’s can know the true reason for the home’s demise.

I now simply ask, “Isn’t it sad that we residents of Panhandle and surrounding areas must suffer such a loss as the closing of this Carson County facility?”

Yours truly,
Nancy Garner
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