3 months ago

Memphis – On Tuesday, Dec. 20, one hearing took place in the 100th Judicial District Court in Hall County.

Luke Inman, the District Attorney for the 100th Judicial District, along with Assistant District Attorney Harley Caudle, prosecuted the cases for the State of Texas, with the Honorable Judge Stuart Messer presiding.

Kyle Daniel Murray, 31, from Memphis, Texas, was sentenced to seven years in prison for the third degree felony offense of possession of unlawful possession of a firearm.
Murray was arrested on Feb. 13, 2018, by former Hall County Deputy Jarrod Johnson. Murray was originally placed on ten years probation on Feb. 12, 2019.

The State filed a motion asking the Court to revoke Murray’s probation on Oct. 24, alleging seven violations of community supervision. At the hearing on Tuesday, Murray denied the allegations before the Court heard testimony from Becky Fuller, Director of the 100th Judicial District Community Supervision Department.

Fuller testified regarding Murray’s probation violations, including drug use and failure to complete court-ordered community service. At the conclusion of the hearing, Messer found that Murray had violated the terms of his probation and imposed the seven-year prison sentence.

“Murray’s prison sentence is a self-inflicted wound,” said Caudle. “The Court gave him the opportunity to avoid incarceration when it placed him on probation, and Murray squandered that opportunity.”

Murray was also ordered to pay the remaining $3,000 fine and $381 in court costs.