3 years ago

Panhandle Junior High School hosted its Third Annual Spelling Bee last Friday with 14 student participants. Pictured, front row - left to right are, Ryleigh Jenkins, Koby Bunch, J.D. George, Krisha Bhakta, Allie Lofink, Callie Chambers and Mikaila Slater; back row - left to right, Bella Cole, Evelyn Kaluza, Ainsley Burrell, Daxton Dallas, Lily Harding, Eleanor Kaluza and Renee Powell.

Krisha Bhatka

Krisha Bhakta won the Panhandle Junior High Spelling Bee for the second year in a row last Friday, Jan. 29. Krisha is a seventh grader and the daughter of Ami and Alpesh Bhakta of Panhandle. She won the competition in the sixth round with the word “disgorged” and sealed the championship round with the word “primavera.”

Fourteen junior high contestants from grades sixth, seventh and eighth, participated in the third annual event. Eighth grader Eleanor Kaluza was named the runner-up.