5 months ago

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, one hearing took place in the 100th Judicial District Court in Hall County.

Luke Inman, the District Attorney for the 100th Judicial District, along with Assistant District Attorney Harley Caudle, prosecuted the case for the State of Texas, with the Honorable Judge Dale Rabe Jr., presiding.

Justin Shane Smith, 26, originally from Perryton, Texas but a recent resident of Memphis, Texas, was sentenced to two years in prison for the state jail felony offense of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Smith was arrested on Sept. 5, 2023, by Memphis Police Chief Dave Thomas.
“This defendant has spent every waking moment of his adult life either in prison, on probation, or on parole,” said Caudle. “Those are some of the many reasons why he received the maximum sentence from Rabe in this contested hearing.”

Smith was originally placed on two years of probation on Sept. 18, 2023, after he pleaded guilty to an information filed the same day by the State, according to court records.

The State filed a motion asking the Court to revoke Smith’s probation on Feb. 6, alleging six violations of conditions of probation.

The State called only one witness, Micah Melton, the probation officer for the 100th District who supervised Smith during his time on probation.

Melton testified to Smith’s probation violations, including an assault family violence offense committed in December, continued methamphetamine use while on felony probation, and failure to report monthly to the probation department.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Rabe found that Smith had violated his probation terms and sentenced him to the two-year prison term.

“This guy isn’t even one of our local degenerates,” said Caudle. “Hopefully, when he gets out, he will go back to where he came from because I am certain he will continue to use methamphetamine and commit more crimes.”

Due to the treatment of state jail felony offenses under Texas law, Smith will not be eligible for parole, according to Inman.