10 years ago

By Kendra Reining, Team INNovation Public Relations

Team INNovation is driven and focused on the goal of obtaining funds for the renovation of Panhandle’s
historic Panhandle Inn. Team members have transformed the old high school band hall/storage room into Team INN headquarters. The team meets Tuesdays and Thursdays during ITeam. Members include: Tanner Richardson-High School Liaison, Katlynn Freeman- Public Relations, Kendra Reining-Public Relations/Communications Specialist, and Addi Albracht-Visual Graphics/Communications. Web site maintenance/ Video production team includes: Colby Neely, Colbi Pace and Cade Throgmorton.

Team INNovation is now preparing for City Council request on Feb. 27, at 7 o’clock in City Hall. The team is requesting a written commitment from the City of Panhandle to negotiate the relocation of City Hall to the Panhandle Inn upon the Inn’s complete renovation. The City’s written commitment to negotiate will be a key component included in the Panhandle Inn’s grant applications.

The Panhandle Inn Foundation is preparing spring grant proposals totaling $1 million. Team INN’s grant proposals will follow the completion of a strategic marketing plan targeting the oil and gas industries. The goal is $4 million. Citizens of Panhandle are encouraged to attend the City Council Meeting on Thursday Feb. 27, at 7 o’clock in City Hall.