11 years ago

By Pastor Buddy Payne
First United Methodist Church of Panhandle

There is a new ministry happening over at the First United Methodist Church. 

We have started a mission ministry call the "Helping Hands Ministry."  This ministry is designed to reach out locally and close by to bring help to people.  This ministry is created to help people get things done on their houses, yards, etc., that perhaps they cannot do for themselves.  But, not to stop there, this ministry is to help people get to the doctor and things such as that as well.  We will mow and trim yards, do roofs, do repairs on porches, doors, houses, and we have already done
a roof, a porch, a door, a yard, and helped someone clean out his or her house.  We do this for nothing!  We are just wanting to help our neighbors in Panhandle and to be a blessing.  This ministry is done for the Lord and in His Name.

So, if you find yourself in need like we have shared, please give us the chance to be of service and blessing.  

How do you reach us? You can call 537-3423 for Sandra Gandy or Buddy Payne At the Methodist Church.

May the Lord bless you richly, Panhandle!