3 months ago

Memphis, Texas – On Thursday, Sept. 2, two pleas, both involving the same defendant, took place in the 100th Judicial District Court in Hall County, Texas.

Luke Inman, the District Attorney for the 100th Judicial District, along with Assistant District Attorney Harley Caudle, prosecuted the case for the State of Texas, with the Honorable Judge Stuart Messer presiding.

Frank Sepeda III, 35 of Memphis, was sentenced to two separate prison terms, one for 30 years and the other for five years, for two separate felony offenses. The 30-year sentence was on a probation revocation for the first degree felony offense of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance. The five-year sentence was on a third degree felony assault family violence by choking.

“Our objective is to make the communities we serve safer, plain and simple,” said Inman. “We have numerous ways of going about meeting our objective and each case is different. Ultimately, our objective was met today with this lengthy plea deal on a local drug dealer and abuser.”

Sepeda was initially placed on probation for the controlled substance case on Dec. 28, 2019, with the offense having been committed on Sept. 1, 2019. He was later placed on probation for the assault family violence case on May 18, 2020. The State filed its motion seeking revocation of Sepeda’s probation on both cases on June 1, based upon Sepeda’s violation of several conditions of his probation.

At the hearing on Thursday, Sepeda admitted to violating the conditions of probation and Messer sentenced him to the two prison terms. Notably, Messer ordered that the five-year sentence run consecutive to the 30-year sentence, meaning that Sepeda must complete the longer sentence before the shorter sentence even begins to run.

“Hopefully the stacked sentences will keep Sepeda in prison for the rest of his natural life,” said Caudle following the defendant’s sentencing.