7 years ago

Archie and Gladys Looten of Panhandle will be celebrating 65 years of marriage. Archie and former Gladys Detten of Panhandle were married on Oct. 25, 1947 at St. Francis Catholic Church in a double-ring ceremony with Gladys’ sister, Blanche Detten, and the late Bernard Koetting, Archie’s childhood friend. From that day when Archie and Gladys became one, the family has been expanding ever since; seven children, 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren fill their lives and their photo frames.

Archie is a man who has never met a stranger, can turn any 10-minute drive into a two-hour agricultural tour, and has a boisterous laugh that can fill up a room. Gladys is a woman who can instantly put you at ease, savvy enough to keep up with the family on Facebook, and has great stories to tell for any occasion.

Archie was a farmer for many years. As the head of a household of seven kids, he had a lot of responsibility and hard work to fill his days. Since retirement and grandchildren, he loves the ease and beauty of the retired life. Gladys was a homemaker. The woman is always said to be the heart of the home, and she has poured out lots of devotion on entire family and all her friends. But don’t let her sweet exterior fool you; she’ll still annihilate you in a good game of cards. Their travels have taken them all over the United States and the world, but the Panhandle area has always been the place they are proud to call home.

Their children are James and wife Priscilla Looten of Spicewood, Texas; Kathy and husband Tom Krile of Lubbock, Texas; Carl Looten and wife Angela of Amarillo; Clara Lively of San Antonio; Teresa and husband, Mike Sarzynski of Amarillo; Dan Looten and wife Patricia of Panhandle; and JoAnn and husband, Jeff Cox of Dewey, Okla.