7 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The 55+ Club met on Wednesday, Oct. 1, in the War Memorial Building for lunch and games. A good number of members came, and the ‘fall’ day was perfect for everyone to join in the fun.

We were glad to have Accolade Home Health come and give flu shots; and a good many members took advantage of the service. Those taking blood pressure, doing cholesterol checks, and etc., plus administering the vaccine, were Lindsey Presson, Beth Bagwell and Tommy Tiver. They also accepted our invitation to stay for lunch.

The only birthdays celebrated in September were Nadine Adams and Doris Hobbs. No anniversaries were announced. We wished Nadine and Doris ‘happy birthday’ with the traditional birthday song; only we change the last line ‘of names’ with the words, ‘God bless you!’

Those of our number going through some health challenges, but doing fine, were Ruth Profitt, Murillo Gilley, Joyce Little and Dorothy Broadaway. A ‘get well’ card was signed and sent from the members to Bill Brown. He had a fall and was in hospital for hip surgery. Thank you cards to the Club were received from Mike Hare and Dorothy Broadaway.

Did not have many guests visit with us of late; but were glad to welcome Jimmy Sue Grantham’s son, Russ Grantham; Lloyd and Jane Hare’s daughter and husband, Cindy and Howard Carpenter; and Pat Smith, guest of Billie Ray Willliams.

Plans are underway for the Nov. 5 Veterans Day lunch and program. Assignments have been made to Club members, and letters have been sent to VA guests; if you are a Veteran and get your invitation, it will help us make better plans if you please RSVP; the members look forward to this particular day when we can honor those who represent such a great effort during years of conflict.

Jony Thomas informed us that the RSVP organization would be having their ‘thank you’ luncheon in Amarillo this year; more information on that later; and Marsha Thomas announced she and Joe have a new granddaughter; those two pieces of news brought smiles to everyone.