8 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

Wednesday, July 3, 2013, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building and Colene Butler, President opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to our American flag. With Thursday being the celebrated 4th of July, the club had a time of remembrance for the holiday a day early. By the time this article is read, many will have had a 4th of July celebration somewhere, with family or friends. Panhandle always has a big day planned for all, and this year, barring any rain, it will be as memorable as always. We do welcome July 4th, 2013!

It was a good day for the Club, a very good and generous lunch was had and many stayed to play games afterward. Especially nice was seeing some faces that have been absent over a period of months.

Charles Gill was back, as was Evelyn Metcalf. Also present was Ardell McAtee and Adda Sue Nymeyer. A report on Phyllis Prendergast by Tommye Roark was positive; Phyllis is being able to walk with some assistance and we hope to have her back with us soon. You just can’t keep ‘a good woman down’ and that describes Billie Poteet; she had some health issues this past week, so with some ‘tweaking’ by the Drs., she is now up and back with us.

Colene read a thank you letter from Brade Bradshaw for the Club's $500 scholarship awarded to him as a 2013 Senior graduate. He leaves for the college of his choice this week, and along with the scholarship, goes our ‘best wishes’ for success in the college years ahead. Marie Slover is the proud grandmother, and rightfully so!

Two invitations have been extended to 55+ Club members: one is an evening to see Texas; if as many as l5 sign up, the van from the Museum will take the group. You must sign up by Friday, July l9 so they will know the number going; the date of the trip to the canyon is July 30. More information can be obtained from Shirlyne Grantham at the Square House Museum. Also the Ottwell Twins, of TV fame, will be singing at the Senior Citizens building in Amarillo on south Polk Street (in the building that once was the old Amarillo High School). The Seniors are celebrating 25 years on July 23, at 1 p.m.. and many activities are planned for the occasion.

The 55+ Club does wish everyone a happy and safe ‘July 4th’ Independence Day!!! We know prayers of thanksgiving are in the hearts of friends sharing the day and of families gathering together to enjoy fun and fireworks; we thank God for our United States, and may His plan and His will always be for the good of His people.