11 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

Wednesday, April 3, 2013, on a drizzly cold day, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building. Despite the weather, a large number of members were out for the regular 'fried chicken' lunch and games afterwards.

In the absence of President Colene Butler, Vice Chairman, Jony Thomas conducted the business session. She welcomed guests, Dr. Holly Jeffreys, PA Wayne Woodward, and Mike Morgan. Jony also reminded members that next week Accolade Home Health Care would be present for the regular visit they make for 55+ members. Anyone wishing to attend the RSVP noon banquet at the Amarillo Civic Center, Friday, April l2, needs to acknowledge the invitation by phone and several have already indicated they plan to attend. This is given in recognition of participants who are signed up with the area volunteer program; to be a part of this group, check with Jony.

Those remembered in prayer were Kenneth Cox, Bill and Cathryn Brown. Alice Cox dropped by later to give an update on Kenneth, and hopefully he will get to come home from a recent hospital stay.

During the lunch hour, Dr. Holly and PA Woodward presented information on the new clinic and the benefits it has for the local area. They have various programs that are available to those interested in more information such as updates on diabetic problems, a Tai Chi low impact exercise program that helps in areas of balance, muscle strengthening, bone and joint benefits. Dr. Holly said they were always ready to listen to anyone who might see an improvement on the Clinic's use for the people in this community. Both Dr. Holly and PA Woodward gave good information, and are very conscious of trying to meet the needs of people who use the Clinic. Panhandle is blessed to have such a facility and to have those working there be so kind and considerate of our needs. They extended an invitation for anyone to come by and look at the new medical facility; several 55+ Club members were impressed with the explanation of the new x-ray machine and the Clinics ability to do lab work with quick results for patients. Members also expressed to Dr. Holly their appreciation of her articles in the local papers; the information is always helpful and timely. Please feel free to call the Clinic and inquire about any of the available programs offered.

It seemed to be a good day to be among friends, and the table of canasta, 2 tables of bridge and an '84' table proved to be a fun time for so many, and there certainly were smiles on the faces of the winning teams!

Anyone 55 years old or older is so welcomed to come visit, and maybe decide to join in... every Wednesday for the covered dish luncheon and activities; game time is up to the individual, some people like to just sit, watch and chat awhile. Give someone a smile and make it a good day for the both of you!