9 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

Wednesday, Jan. l6, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building for the beginning of year 2013; and since we are in the ‘wintry’ months, the weather is keeping some of our members at home and that may be wise as the ‘cold’ is not always good on what ails some of our older members. But we certainly had enough present to enjoy the fried chicken and side dishes, along with lots of good dessert; that helped start the New Year off in fine condition.

Accolade Home Health Care was present to take blood pressure and etc. We even had a few from the community to come take advantage of their being here; and anyone is always welcome to come visit the health care ladies, whether a 55+ Club member or not.

Colene Butler, president, announced the Club had l08 volunteer hours for the month of December; down a little due to some weather cancellations. She also informed members that on Wednesday, Jan. 30, the meal will be soup and sandwiches, and of course, dessert is always welcomed. Colene also read a letter from the County Library to inform members about a program called Friends of the Library; more information on that can be obtained from anyone at the Library.

A card of condolence was sent to the family of Connie Sparks; his service was in Wichita Falls and burial was here in Panhandle. Nancy Garner, his sister, noted that he passed away on the same day as did her other brother, Marvin Sparks, one year ago. Wayne Cox and Evelyn Metcalf are cousins to this family. Nancy shared some childhood experiences, one being that she surely had to chase a lot of footballs and baseballs, being the only girl with two brothers. This community will miss Connie, as we have Marvin.

Recently, we noticed our scoop that is used to fill glasses with ice was missing...it has been found, so that certainly brought smiles to those ‘hunting’ it...it takes so little to make most people happy! We know everyone enjoyed the snow and the moisture that accompanied it, but we do continue to pray for more. Stay warm and have a great day.