6 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building, Wednesday, Aug. 5 for fried chicken lunch with all the trimmings; and the desserts were extra plentiful and delicious! The old song title, ‘Just Slippin’ Away,’ comes to mind sometime as we look out at our attendance. Records show that when we began the Club around l987 or so, we had a membership of close to l70; Wednesday, we had some 28 in attendance. ‘Time’ does take its toll on most any Senior Citizen’s groups; but though so many are now gone, they have left us wonderful memories, and we are thankful for that blessing.

It was good to have Jimmy Don Mitchell join the Club recently. We hope he enjoyed the meal and the friendly faces that welcomed him. We have put on our prayer list Pauline Skidmore, in the loss of her Fred. They have lived in this area a long time, and he will be missed. Word came concerning the loss of Sue Ramey; she and Jack were 55+ Club members and close friends to many of us; they are remembered as being very involved in community activities. A report on Jimmy Gilbreth was that he is doing much better from his recent health challenge. Everyone is excited that Lindsey Presson, with Accolade Home Health Care, will be returning from her ‘off time’ due to the birth of new baby boy; she is scheduled to be here Aug. l2.

Various comments were made concerning the flyovers by Jason Davis to rid the area of pesky mosquitoes; it was most welcomed and certainly helped residents have better control in their own yards and etc. We thank the spraying service for that help.

Several future dates have the 55+ Club engaging in community plans for various organizations in Panhandle; more will be coming as those dates get closer and more organized. Stormy Wood and her parents are invited to meet with us, and give us a run down on her upcoming year as she begins her ‘higher education’ at Amarillo College. She was the recipient of the 55+ Scholarship given in May.

Without a doubt, smiles have been seen on many faces due to recent rain measurements. God has blessed the whole Panhandle area; lots and lots of mowing though; overheard a recent comment: ‘I am about ready for the first freeze so I can put the lawn mower away!’... that will come soon enough.