9 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

On Wednesday, May 27, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building. It was a special day as we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Honorees this month for birthdays were: Billie Ray Williams and Mary Smith; only one anniversary, but a big one, 62 years for Waylon and Barbara Scheller.

Lunch was special in honor of Lindsey and Kasey Presson. Lindsey is our favorite Accolade Home Health Care lady and her husband is a fireman in Pampa; they were given a baby shower by 55+ Club members. Someone said, ‘that little boy will have a ton of grandparents!’

The room was decorated in ‘blue’ and lime green with lots of gifts to unwrap. If the child does not get another thing, he will have clothes and etc. until about eighth grade! Congratulations to that family.

We also congratulate all the Panhandle graduates, both seniors and eighth graders. Panhandle is blessed in every way when it comes to students, personnel, and all others who lend time and effort to the school system. With the end of the school year, and ‘free time,’ some young people find themselves on property belonging to other people. It was noted that with all the lake water, it is tempting to go over fences and etc. to check out the area. It is always good to check with property owners prior to that decision, as insurance on that property comes into play; if someone is injured while trespassing, the situation could get messy. Good idea to always check with property owners first.

Stormy Wood was the recipient of the Club’s $500 scholarship for 2015; Stormy’s parents are Linda and Tommy Wood. All those who applied for the scholarship had good information and ideals for further education plans. We congratulate Stormy and wish her, and her classmates, the very best in the coming years.

Cards were sent to the Garcia family in the loss of their father, and a long time community friend, Joe Garcia; to Lorene Grisham, who is having some health issues; the canasta table is really missing her! We were saddened to learn one of our own members, Larry Profitt, lost his battle with cancer. He had been ill for several months and recently went to the Veterans’ Home facility. His memorial service was held Monday, June l.

Charles Gill gave a brief summary on an upcoming talk by the State ‘Senior Citizen’s on Aging’ office. He will contact the lady to be giving the information concerning ‘medicine fraud,’ and the date and time will be forthcoming.

There were smiles on everyone’s faces as they arrived this past Wednesday; Murillo Gilley was back from Dallas to visit family and she came to sit in ‘her rightful place’ and play some dominoes. Always good to have ex club members return for visits. We have been blessed with wonderful rains, but with the good came the ‘nuisance’...mosquitoes! 55+ members had lots of ‘remedies’ for a mosquito bite, but do they actually work?