7 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The 55+ Club met on Wednesday, Feb. 25, in the War Memorial Building for the weekly meeting, lunch and games. Weather conditions have caused some cancellations of meeting times, but we welcome the fact that we can stay in and just enjoy the snow, knowing the blessing of the moisture we are receiving.

Cards of concern, sympathy and get well have been sent to Chris Schoenhals in the loss of her sister; Larry Profitt, as he is going through some difficult health challenges; the Wally Lanier, Jr. family in their time of loss; we were saddened by the death of a long time member and friend, Marjorie Ewing. And to Ida Roselius, as we share the celebration of her number ‘101 year’ old birthday! Ida was a charter member of 55+, and her vivacious energy was certainly missed when she could no longer meet with us. And we can’t miss announcing: that because she is so special to all the Club members, a ‘baby boy’ shower is being planned at a later date for Lindsey Presson, our Accolade representative and her husband. That baby will have a ‘bunch’ of adopted great-grands for sure!

We have not had too many visitors join us for lunch, but we did get to welcome Nancy Garner’s daughters, Carolyn and Nancy Ruth; they were luncheon guests with Nancy. Also visiting was Jo Orson, a friend of Chris Schoenhals; and what a treat to have Betty Vick, along with her daughter, Carolyn; but the big surprise to all was the return of Murillo Guilley, who recently made a move to the Dallas area. Murillo was here for two Wednesdays, so many friendships were renewed and enjoyed; she is especially missed at the table where the game of ‘88,’ with dominoes, is played.

Bob Allison, chairman of the Board, called a meeting Feb. 4 to discuss the Club’s membership with the area RSVP volunteer organization. After Board discussion, the findings were given to the general membership present on Feb. 11, and by unanimous ‘no’ votes, the decision was made that the 55+ Club would no longer be affiliated with the Area RSVP organization, due to new regulations implemented by RSVP.

Birthdays and anniversaries for January and February were celebrated for Sue Allison, CJ Kelly, Gladys Looten, Darlene Reed; Lloyd and Jane Hare had an anniversary. February birthdays were: Wayne Cox, Betty Vick, Phyllis Prendergast; and former member, Ida Roselius. No wedding anniversaries recorded in February.

Marsha Thomas always leaves us with a smile after our business meeting; she passed this on to us: ‘OUR AGE had heard it all, seen it all, and done it all; WE just can't remember it all!’