7 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The Panhandle 55+ Club met Jan. l4, 2015 in the War Memorial Building for the regular weekly meeting. When we start into the winter months, after irregular meetings in December, we are often forced to have ‘cancellations’ due to January and February weather, and that cuts into our Wednesday lunch and game days.

We meet every Wednesday noon for lunch and an afternoon of games. Anyone 55 years of age or older is welcome to join the Seniors; yearly dues are $5, and $l per month for our Scholarship Fund. Another plus is the availability of having blood pressure checks and etc. every second Wednesday of the month; and there is usually a short ‘health alert’ given by Lindsey Pressan after lunch.

Jony Thomas, Vice President, has been filling in for Colene Butler for the last two weeks. Jony said the volunteer hours for December were only 84 hours due to the cancellation of some meetings; but that number is still a good amount of volunteer service by the members.

Everyone appreciated the visit from Carson County Sheriff Loren Brand, as he brought information concerning several scams ‘making the rounds.’ It is good to know we have officials on top of the ‘illegal deeds’ of so many, and can bring ‘warnings’ our way; we need to heed those warnings!

We have had a number on the sick list but they seem to be recovering as the days become more spring like. A card was sent to Tommie Roark in the loss of her brother.

Members all seemed to have had extra good holidays; there was much discussion on various football games ending the sport’s season. Congratulations to the Canadian football program; so proud of their achievement at State; but some NFL games ‘did not bring a smile’ to our faces; however, as the ‘farmer’ says: ‘there is always next year!