10 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

On Sept. 3, we found a good number of 55+ Club members meeting together at the Memorial Building for the regular Wednesday gathering for fried chicken and all the trimmings. August was a good month, and even with all the hot weather, attendance was good.

We wish all those involved with school activities to have gotten off to a good start and that the year is one of the best. Many of us will be going to games, or listening on the radio, to hear how our Panthers fare in the upcoming football season; we wish them well! And we Senior Citizens look forward to renewing friendships and enjoying the traditional Museum Day coming very soon to this community.
Prayers and cards have been sent recently to the Reed family in the loss of a niece, to Dixie Surratt, Bethel Robinson, Marcia Carter and Dorothy Broadaway as they are recovering from various medical issues. If someone runs past you, get out of the way, it will be Dorothy, as she starts moving at faster speeds with that new hip replacement!

Members had fun with the ‘snack day’ luncheon, followed with games of Canasta, ‘88’, Bridge, and the finishing of a puzzle. The most exciting time is when the group stays for Bingo; there is always that ONE white elephant that motivates several to play more than one card. Bingo is once a month; and ‘snack day’ may happen more often as the meal was well liked.

Plans are beginning to be put into place as the Club gets ready for the November Veteran’s Day visit; we do hope as many Veterans as can keep that time open and will join us for those activities. The Club members had 118 volunteer hours for the month of August; and it won’t be long before we start collecting articles of clothing for our Warm Things Project we do each fall.

We always appreciate Lindsey coming to represent Accolade Home Health Care; she not only does the blood pressure checks, and etc., but she gives a short talk on a particular health issue that affects most people at one time or another. She also brought cake and ice cream to help celebrate the birthdays of Madelin Labus and Marsha Thomas; there were no wedding anniversaries in August.

Guests, of late, to enjoy lunch with us, have been Joyce Little’s great-grandson, Aiden Spohn; and he was very helpful in the ‘clean up’ period. Also Ruth Profitt’s sisters, Jean and Charlotte, were here for a visit with Ruth and Larry; think they helped celebrate brother Ed Hinshaw’s birthday. Lei Shuang Cassidy brought a friend, Amy Garcia, and Nancy Garner had her daughter, Carolyn Kelley with her. It was especially nice to have the return of Betty Vick and her daughter, Carolyn; Betty has had health challenges that have kept her away far too long, so she was certainly welcomed back.

Fall is definitely in the air, and before you know it, we will be looking for that nice plump turkey for the Thanksgiving table; you know what they say, “over the river and through the woods to ‘grandparents’ house they come”....that should make you smile!