8 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The 55+ Club met during the month of February on Wednesdays of each week. One meeting was cancelled due to snow and ice; we older ones do not do ‘snow and ice!’ A good day to sit by the fire and be glad we don’t just have to be out in the cold weather.

Valentine’s Day was celebrated on Feb. 12; our tables were decorated with the appropriate valentine decorations and someone even sprinkled chocolate candy hearts around as a ‘yummie’ Valentine treat. We always have a delicious fried chicken lunch with members bringing all the side dishes and desserts on the first Wednesday of the month so Valentine's Day was a fun day for sure.

Several members were back from being ‘house bound’ due to illness, and we are always glad to get our travelers back. We shared with the Knierihm family their loss of Jim; he had been a long time resident of Panhandle and will be missed. Darlene Reed called and she seems to be doing well; she recently moved to Lockney. February birthdays were celebrated with lots of cake and ice cream; those honored were: Wayne Cox, Mike Morgan, Ruth Proffit, Phyllis Prendergast and Betty Vick. No wedding anniversaries to celebrate in February!

Jony Thomas reported the club had a total of 118 volunteer hours for the month of January. President Colene Butler reminded everyone that the third Wednesday is Bingo day, so be sure and be present if you enjoy a good game of Bingo. Mike Morgan was the recent ‘black out’ winner and received the ‘big’ prize! After Bingo, regular games of ‘88’, canasta, and bridge continued. Those who enjoy working on the jigsaw puzzle had some extra time; actually the puzzle was finished and a new one will be started next week.

Wednesday, Feb. 26, Dixie Surratt was a guest speaker. She brought everyone up to date on the progress of the ‘soon to be’ Children's Day Care. The old Garretson's Retirement Home is being recycled as a Children’s Day Care Center. The Retirement Home was vacated some six years ago but is still a useable facility. The Board is still looking at some long range plans and options for future uses of the property; if work continues to progress and go well, an Open House is planned in early April. It was good to have Dixie come and give her report, plus she answered several questions of concern from 55+ Club members.

Bob Allison, Chairman of the Board, conducted a short meeting to discuss with Board Members and Officers whether the Club would become members of the Panhandle Chamber of Commerce. It was favorable with the Board, but will be presented at a later date to the membership.

As we look at the calendar, we see the month of March approaching, so be looking for something ‘green’ to wear or suffer consequences! Since January or February did not produce a big amount of moisture, maybe March will do the ‘honors’...and that would make a lot of people happy, happy, happy!