10 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The last meeting in October was held in the War Memorial Building, Wednesday, Oct. 30 by the Panhandle 55+ Club. Lynsie Presson was present and she brought a delicious cake from Accolade Home Health Care to help celebrate the month’s birthday and anniversary honorees. Those having birthdays were Adda Sue Nymeyer, Skip Smith, Clara Parsons and Mary Ann Exnicious; no one had an anniversary.

It was good to have Murillo Gilley back from a visit in the Metroplex; also Gerald Heare was present after being absent a couple of weeks; Cody Allison was with us, he is convalescing in the home of his parents, Bob and Sue Allison, after a work-related accident. It was nice having guest, Pat Matthews, who is considering becoming a member in the future.

CJ Kelly said she would be bringing the basket for the Warm Things project at the Nov. 13 meeting. Several have already gotten items for that winter project. We will take the ‘warm things’ to those who are in need of such items, about the second week of December. Members seem to have very generous hearts when we start collecting and the basket has to be emptied several times before delivery.

Wednesday, Nov. 6, the day began early, as Club members gathered to set up table and chairs, decorating with red, white and blue colors, arranging a registration table, and the kitchen was ‘wall to wall’ with helpers preparing for the noon luncheon in honor of the community Veterans. Such a special occasion; and while we were hoping to honor them, they returned that gesture by honoring us with their presence. By the last estimate to this writer, the number served was between 85 and 90 who were together for the noon meal. The highlight of the event was the arrival of the Panhandle Elementary third grade class; what a treat, as they sang several patriotic songs in tribute to those being honored. I wish their teachers could have heard all the ‘praise’ remarks that were made concerning the class: how they were so disciplined, and followed instructions so well, not to mention how very pleasing their music was to everyone. It was a wonderful ending to a day blessed by beautiful weather, lots of stories shared, and many friends reunited around tables abundant with lots of fried chicken and side dishes; and the dessert table was so plentiful, the only really good description was ‘yum, yum!’ The Club members worked as a team to make it possible, and ‘congratulations’ goes to each one who helped make the day so special for OUR Carson County Texas VETERANS! Just looking around the room, we saw smile after smile...and that was a good thing!