11 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

On Sept. 11, 2013, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building for the weekly gathering of senior citizens. Larry Profitt gave a short reminder about the ‘day’ and it’s meaning to we Americans. He stated that we all know freedom comes at a price; and Sept. 11 will always be a reminder of what so many gave, not only in New York City, and at the Capital that day, but the many lives given overseas in the aftermath of such a tragic day! Members stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and I am very sure, our minds were thinking, and silently praying, for the many families that lost loved ones during those traumatic days.

It was good to see such a fine turn out of members and the ‘grand feast’ of food that was brought. You just can’t beat a covered dish lunch, especially with so many good cooks available! And helping us enjoy the lunch treats were Lynsie Been, Teri Williams and Beth Bagwell. Everyone who wanted to make use of their visit did so by having blood work and blood pressure checks; also Beth gave the flu shots to those wanting that service. Lynsie gave a very interesting program on Accolade Home Health Care and the benefits it has for seniors. Each month, she will address some subject of health interest to members. We are certainly blessed in this community to have access to that organization’s help when we need it in order to remain in our homes; and I might add, several positive remarks were made by members about the kindness shown to them when they needed assistance by Mark Land, our local pharmacist; everyone agreed, living in a small town such as Panhandle has many good benefits.

The $1200 yearly rent for our use of the War Memorial Building was paid; someone remarked, ‘they wished we were still in the old building, we got the same benefits, and it was free’! But we are just glad we have such a nice facility to meet in each week. Checking with High School, we found that there will be no interaction with the Grub Club that we have had in the past; that was a great bunch of students and a joy for us when they came each month. The 55+ Board had a short meeting and each member felt like we were benefiting from the extra activities that we have after lunch and more suggestions were still coming. One being a game of Bingo, once a month with ‘white elephant’ door prizes; Bob Allison, president, will be checking with Judge Powers to see if that can be done, legally, in the War Memorial Building.

Colene Butler, president, announced the upcoming Museum Day, Sept. 20 located at the Ag Barn and there will be a Country Store with purchasing to start at 11 a.m.; and she reminded everyone of the Chamber of Commerce’s Pile-On Dinner, prior to the Sept. 20 Homecoming game, serving from 5to 7 p.m. in the High School Cafeteria.
Our prayer list was rather lengthy; Betty Biggs had a severe health issue on Tuesday and was rushed to ICU; others on the list were Don Gandy, Bobbie Smith, Eugene Schoenhals, and Larry Profitt. We also remembered Varna Lewis, who lost a grandson in a tragic accident. We will be missing Flois Bichsel and Ruth Nideffer, as they have moved to retirement centers.

Marsha Thomas left us with words of wisdom, and also a scene that brought smiles to everyone: “seems a local church was having a covered dish dinner for its members; two little boys were observing the tables: someone had put a note on a bowl of apples: ‘take ONLY one; God is watching you’!.... at the other end of the table was a plate of cookies with no sign; one of the youngsters made a note to attach that read: ‘take ALL you want, God is watching at the other end’! Think about it, and have a great September week!