11 years ago

The August meetings were held in the War Memorial Building each Wednesday of the month; guests and new members are always welcome. Yearly memberships are $5, and $l per month for the scholarship fund. With all the travel agendas, and Doctor appointments, our attendance has held up really good through the summer months.

We always enjoy the second Wednesday, as Accolade Home Health Care, from Pampa, comes to check all the members and will be glad to assist anyone in the community who is not a member, on that day. They also come on the fourth Wednesday to help us celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with cake and ice cream. This month, we were happy to meet some new Accolade members that came with Lynsie Been, our Accolade girl. Those coming were: Tommie Deaver, Collen Rains, and Jentry Williams. Jentry is the wife of Clinton Williams and granddaughter in law of our Billie Williams. The 55+ Club members are planning a surprise for Lynsie Been Sept. 25, prior to her wedding in October!

Club members sent prayers and cards to ‘community family’ this month; those receiving were the Cyril Neusch family in the loss of their loved one, and also to Clara Parsons in the loss of a sister. Larry Profitt is undergoing some tests; we pray those will be good; we need Larry to keep our locks and doors repaired for our safety. News came that long time superintendent, Freeman Milton passed away recently; our sympathy goes out to the Milton family. It was good to have some return after being absent awhile: Nadine Adams, Phyllis Prendergast, Marsha Thomas and Alice Cox. Cooler weather is just around the corner, and the announcement was made to start collecting for our ‘Warm Things’ project for the homeless.

Bob Allison, Board Chairman, gave the result of a recent survey sheet he had passed out to members. He needed ideas for after lunch activities that might interest more members to stay around and visit; some do not do games. Ideas that came forth were various ‘programs’, jigsaw puzzles, crafts and etc. These ideas are in the 'mix'; so we are looking forward to extra activities being a choice real soon. Lynsie Been mentioned they have a monthly pamphlet dealing with a certain illness or problem; she would bring those to pass out to interested members and if needed, a small discussion could be held concerning that month’s ‘issue.’ Wednesday, Aug. 28, we were happy to have as guest and speaker, Sheriff Loren Brand. His topic centered around ‘scams’; he said they were abundant in our area, and he gave some sound advice to be watchful for; the remark was made, ‘that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.’ He said his office was always available for discussion on any phone call or door to door visitor any of the members, or anyone in the community, might have that gave them doubts. He and his office personnel are going to make it unpleasant for those types of offenders to want to be in the area of Panhandle!

Tidbits: Football Calendars were passed out; Sept. 11, flu shots will be given at the War Memorial Building; and best wishes for safety and fun days at school for the next nine months, and remember: ‘it will go fast!’...that should bring a smile to someone’s face.