8 years ago

The Carson County Memorial Building was the meeting place for the 55+ Club on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. A large part of the membership met for the weekly covered dish lunch, followed by games of bridge, rummy, Canasta, and two tables of ‘42’. It was good to have as a guest, from Clarendon, Doyle Littlefield; also Lynsey Been, with Accolade Home Health Care.

President Colene Butler conducted a brief business meeting before lunch. She reminded members that next week we would have an ‘indoor picnic’, the menu will be barbecue sandwiches with the trimmings, along with ice cream and cake that Accolade Home Health Care provides.

Those remembered by the club in prayers and thoughts were the Pat Bonner family, Phyllis Prendergast, and Darla Slover.

Those celebrating birthdays were: Betty Biggs, Nancy Garner, Joyce Little, Ann Metcalf, Barbara Scheller, Edna Fish, and Jane Hare. Only one couple had an anniversary, that being Joe and Marsha Thomas. Congratulations to all!

Membership dues are needed as June approaches; dues are $5 per person and if members prefer paying the monthly tournament fee at the same time that amounts to $12 per year; or that amount can be paid $1 per month on game day. Those dues go to Jane Hare, treasurer.

It was announced that the Scholarship Committee had selected Brady Bradshaw as the recipient for the 2013, $500 scholarship provided by the 55+ Club. He will be attending an out of state school and work toward dramatic studies.

Members are ask to select anyone they deem would make a good club officer, or volunteer themselves to serve in this capacity. Those names will soon be announced and voted on for the coming Club year. Also Mozelle Urbanczyk and Marie Slover have ask to be removed as Board members; those now serving and to be voted on at a later date are: Bob Allison, Phyllis Prendergast, Marillo Gilley, Glenna McLeod, Billie Poteet, and Don Gandy. Three other names will be added to that voting list and they are: Larry Profitt, Joyce Little and Waylon Scheller.

We all wished Wayne Cox a safe and fruitful trip to the State races with the hopes a lot of ‘gold’ could come back with them. Seriously, members send best wishes for all those in competition this week end; we are so proud when our students show Panhandle to the State of Texas in such a deserving way. Lots of school activities in the ‘work’ as school year 2013 draws to a close; give all these kids a big smile and show them how proud you are of them.