11 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

Wednesday, March 6, 2013, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building and the attendance was good. We have scheduled ‘off and on’ meeting times since the beginning of February due to weather conditions which caused cancellations, so everyone was glad to be out, even with cold wind blowing! And the fact that it was fried chicken day always helps attendance; it was so good, and we always appreciate Don Gandy for picking up the entree for us each month.

The Club has welcomed several guests over the past weeks, and we do like meeting family and friends of our members. Those who have come are Pete Hare, son of Lloyd and Jane Hare; Marge Roberts, mother of Rhonda Garner, and Craig Allison, son of Bob and Sue Allison.

Those on the prayer list, as well as receiving cards, have been: Clara Parsons, Kenneth Cox, Nancy McIroy, Jimmy Gilbreath, Gene Schoenhals, David Martin and Cathryn Brown. We wish them all a speedy recovery and good days ahead. There may be others we do not know about, but if you have been ill or have been absent at 55+ Club, please know you are missed.

Bob Allison requested a meeting of the 55+ Club Board members Wednesday, March l3. Also to be named will be a selection committee to make a decision on the 2013 High School student who will be the recipient of our yearly scholarship. High School Seniors submit essays that will be read by the committee, then that committee designates one Senior for the $500 scholarship, to be presented at the graduation Program.

Club members are looking forward to having Holly Jeffreys come to present a program and answer questions concerning health related needs in the senior community. That meeting time will be announced at a later date, possibly in early April. Everyone is excited to have such a fine, new Health Clinic that Holly and her people have made possible to Carson County.

Wednesday, March 13, Accolade Home Health Care was be available to anyone who needed their assistance in their regular monthly visit. We were also reminded that on March 20, the Club will be serving barbecue with all the trimmings for lunch, so bring side dishes that accompany good barbecue or check with Colene Butler, in case others have signed up for certain items.

We were blessed with wonderful moisture in the past few weeks, and though the ‘snow drifts’ were bothersome to a few people, for the most part, it was a wonderful time for staying inside and enjoying God's handy work...it did bring smiles to many a face, and endless conversation!