10 years ago

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The last day of the month, April 30, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building for lunch and afternoon games. No Bingo, as that is played only once a month. The attendance has held up really well, in spite of some who have moved from their homes and can no longer attend.

Those remembered this month for various reasons such as health and loss of family members are: the loss of Jane Hare’s Dad, Toots Herring, the family of Naomi Spann, Herb Marvel, the Randy Phillip’s family, and to Doris Hobbs in the loss of her brother, Kenneth Hayes. Those on our prayer list for health issues are Billie Poteet and Curtis Hinshaw; both are doing well at this time.

We have enjoyed the presence of several visitors this month. Ruth Profitt's sister, Joan, was here for a few days and visited her nephew, Larry Profitt also. Other guests were Bobbie Smith's daughter, Janice; also Adis Spawn, grandson of Joyce Little; Molly Segura with Lindsey from Accolade, and Nancy Garner's daughter, Carolyn and husband, Jerry Kelley from Claude. We were especially glad to learn that Betty Vick was now back home in Panhandle. Also visiting were Jimmie Sue Chisum and her son, Russ. Don Gandy had his son- in- law Jimmy Witt with him for the noon meal; and also Teresa Sarzynski, daughter of Archie and Gladys Looten.

A real treat for the Club was the presence of Dennis Moore and Bonnie Whitehead from the Sheriff's department; they brought a program that was very beneficial on the use of the ‘911 call.’ They instructed the ways to use the 911 number and also tips that are useful for senior citizens.

Club members celebrated April birthdays and anniversaries; two couples shared anniversary honors: Wayne and Jean Cox and Marsha and Joe Thomas. Those with birthday honors were Nancy Garner, Jane Hare, Edna Fish, Joyce Little, Ann Metcalf and Barbara Scheller. Think Barbara got a surprise ‘happy birthday’ guitar song from son, Kerry Scheller with video! Accolade always helps in the celebration by bringing lots of ice cream and cake; we appreciate their caring for our honorees.

The 55+ Club will be giving a $500 scholarship to Seth Witt for next year’s college fund. The committee, made up of Jony Thomas, Mozelle Urbanczyk, and CJ Kelly, commented that this year’s resumes for the scholarship were very well presented, making it difficult to select just one from the large number of students who sent resumes to be poured over. Seth plans to go into the Agricultural field and hopes to be in the department for researching and designing farm equipment for the future; he is the grandson of Don Gandy.

Members were reminded to vote for those running in contention for City offices, as well as those in the School Board elections; that will be May l0th. Also Bob Allison, Chairman of 55+ Board, ask for a meeting of Board members Wednesday, May 7. Everyone continue to pray for rain; the ‘reminder’ to many of the ‘good old days’ when dust storms appeared so often, think the one we recently had, was ENOUGH!!! It did not bring smiles!