11 years ago

Wednesday, June l2, 2013, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building for lunch, games and a ‘visit’ with Lynsey Been, as she and Jaree Woods checked blood pressure, Cholesterol, and blood sugar. The second week in each month, Accolade girls come and perform that service to 55+ and to any other local resident of the community who would like to ‘walk in’ and get that done.

The big news was the beautiful ring on the left hand of Lynsey, we count her as ‘our special girl friends’ so a round of applause was given as that announcement of engagement was made. A wedding date has not yet been set, but we all look forward to that time and our prayers and best wishes go to Lynsey. She is very special!

In the absence of our president, Colene Butler, Jony Thomas presided over the meeting time. A good report from Phyllis Prendergast is that she is able to be home and seems to be doing well. We hear she has had some excellent care from her family, and that may be the answer to her improvement. Jony announced that news had been received that Howard Bulla passed away; Howard and Grace were long time friends to many during the years they lived in Panhandle; condolences went to that family. Also mentioned was Gordon Frashier, the husband of Joyce Frashier; Joyce worked several years at the library during one of their stays in Panhandle, before moving to Albuquerque to be near their daughter, Bonnie. Several months ago Gordon was diagnosed with cancer, and has recently been moved to hospice.

Doyle Littlefield recently joined the club; he lives in Clarendon, and has for many years. It is especially nice to have him come on Wednesdays, as he still has many friends in this area and the ‘42’ people can always use a ‘good’ player! Rhonda Garner had guests with her: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Strickland from Denton, Texas.

The Club enjoyed a great fried chicken meal last week and we are looking forward to the ‘set’ barbecue meal in the near future; gives some of our cooks, who always bring meat dishes, a rest. It was announced that for the month of May, 55+ Club had 144 hours of volunteer time; that is a good many hours for volunteering from a Senior Citizen group of people; we just ‘keep on keeping on!’
It makes Jane Hare ‘smile’ when someone pays their money for the dues that are now being taken.

Remember, $5 for dues, $1 for each month (or $12 for the year) for scholarships. That is a lot you are getting for $17... think about it!