6 years ago

Wednesday, July 8, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building for the regular weekly meeting. Along with lunch, games and visiting, we were treated to a special speaker. Charles Gill had arranged for Laure McAffee to speak to members concerning Medicare Fraud. If you have not heard this information, it would be worth your while to invite her to your organization or club. It is alarming to know what your Medicare Card has on it, that when in the ‘wrong hands,’ can do damage to your ‘pocket book.’

June is our month to elect new officers, but it was the consensus of the members to keep the same officers for another year and elect three new board members to fill the vacancy of those going off the board. Newly elected members are Doris Hobbs, Barbara Scheller and Mike Morgan. They will serve their appointed terms.

Word has been received that ‘our Accolade Home Health Care grandson’ was born June 9, weighing 8 lbs. 7/8 oz. Jensen Lane is the son of Lindsey and Kacey Presson. Congratulations and well wishes go their way. We have enjoyed meeting and sharing lunch with Lindsey’s subs until she returns later in the fall.

Remembrances have gone out to those sick and those having lost family members; Mary Ann Exnisious is still having pain issues; our prayers continue for Jan and Robert Moore and their family; Colene Butler was gone to be with a brother suffering from cancer and also to be with family in the death of a brother-in- law, Boyd Butler. It was good to get the news that Mary Hare, one of our favorite librarians, is back to work after an accidental fall. Jony Thomas lost a sister and our prayers go out to that family.

At the June 24 meeting, a motion was made to donate $1,000 to the Garretson Center's repair fund. We had understood the cooling system had an 'issue' and that is not a cheap item to replace. The 55+ membership was glad to assist in this way. Thank you notes were received from Buck Burk and Dixie Surratt acknowledging the check they received. We would encourage anyone to go by, have lunch with them and see what a real asset that is to our community.

Those celebrating June birthdays were: Sandy Poteet, Mozelle Urbanczyk and Lorene Grisham. None of our present 55+ members chose to be married in June. Mozelle celebrated her 95th birthday and we understand it was a big time for her and the family; 55+ sends great big congratulations, and wishes for peace, good health and contentment in the years she continues to have. Blowing out that many candles on a birthday cake would certainly bring smiles to many faces!