2 years ago

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone, not only at the courthouse, but also in the community to say thank you for welcoming me and my family to the community. We have been in the community for a year now and it just feels like home. My name is Vanessa Watkins and most […]

3 years ago

To all the emergency personnel, firefighters, policemen and DPS officers in Panhandle who worked the accident our daughter was in Friday, May 22, we thank you. Thank you for your quick response. Thank you for your gentle handling in getting Mary out of the truck. Thank you for all you did to keep her alive. […]

3 years ago

Panhandle isn’t so bad after all. I remember as a young teenager growing up in Panhandle hearing other kids saying how they couldn’t wait to graduate and leave Panhandle. I guess at that age if you hear something often enough, you tend to accept and believe what you hear. Now that I’ve graduated, left for […]

4 years ago

Dear Editor, This letter is long overdue to my hometown of Panhandle, TX. Thoughts are that most if not all the sentiments expressed are not solely mine. Forgive me, if I don’t politically sanitize every word. However, I’m sure that language sanitation (LS) is not required in this editorial. But wait! LS might be on […]