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55+ Club Invites Local Veterans

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

By Bob Allison

The 55+ Club of Panhandle would like to invite our local Veterans and a guest of their choice to lunch with us on Nov. 4, 2015, at noon in the Carson County War Memorial Building in Panhandle.

This is our small way of saying, “Thank You” for your service to our country.

Please RSVP before Oct. 16, 2015, by calling Sue Allison at (806) 537-4074 or Jane Hare at (806) 537-5345.

Please join us to celebrate the service to our country and flag that you so proudly honored. God bless you!

55+ Club News

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

By Clara Jayne Kelly

On Sept. l6, 2016, about 30 plus members of the Panhandle 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building. Those present enjoyed a very good lunch and with visiting and games afterward, the day was a good day. We do invite anyone 55 years old, or older, to come visit us and if you should decide to join the group, the yearly fee is $5 and $l per month for the local Scholarship fund.

Due to the absence of our Chairman Colene Butler, Jony Thomas has been filling in for her, and doing an excellent job. We seem to have had some interesting speakers and a few who have come with upcoming announcements. Laurie McAfee with the Area on Aging group gave two separate talks to the Club that were very beneficial; one topic was concerning Medicare Fraud and the other was good information on the various Medicare Plans available to Seniors.

Both Elizabeth Gersch and Randy Thomas came with invitations for everyone to attend any Church of choice, but their congregation was having special ‘Back To Church Services’ with a well-known Nashville singer giving a program and would welcome guests. Prior to the beginning college activities, Stormy Wood and her Dad, Tommy Wood came to give a report on her upcoming year. She is the scholarship recipient of 55+ Club and will be attending Amarillo College. Linda Purvines, a guest of her mother, Dorothy Broadaway, brought ‘early bird’ Museum barbeque tickets for sale.

We have had a long list of members on the ‘sick list;’ they are (or have been), Georgia Lane Cook, Frog Smith, Angie Beddingfield, Dave Smith, Ardell McAtee, Marie Slover, Betty Vick, Catherine Brown and Edna Fish. Our sympathies went to the Carolyn Hermesmyer family in their loss. Carolyn was a dear friend to so many in this community and will be missed.

Upcoming events are on the calendar: Wednesday, Sept. 30, flu shots will be given during the regular meeting and lunch time. Medicare cards MUST be shown to obtain the shots. Filling in for the new mother, Lynsey Pressor, are Colin Rains and Amy Hall from Accolade Home Health Care coming to assist with vitals and etc. Anyone is welcome to stop by on the second Wednesday of each month for that service. An event we all look forward to is the special time we have serving lunch to the Veterans; that is scheduled to be Nov. 4.

Marsha Thomas most generally leaves us with a thought for the day or a ‘funny’ just prior to lunch. That always brings a smile or chuckle to Club member’s faces.

55+ Club News

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building, Wednesday, Aug. 5 for fried chicken lunch with all the trimmings; and the desserts were extra plentiful and delicious! The old song title, ‘Just Slippin’ Away,’ comes to mind sometime as we look out at our attendance. Records show that when we began the Club around l987 or so, we had a membership of close to l70; Wednesday, we had some 28 in attendance. ‘Time’ does take its toll on most any Senior Citizen’s groups; but though so many are now gone, they have left us wonderful memories, and we are thankful for that blessing.

It was good to have Jimmy Don Mitchell join the Club recently. We hope he enjoyed the meal and the friendly faces that welcomed him. We have put on our prayer list Pauline Skidmore, in the loss of her Fred. They have lived in this area a long time, and he will be missed. Word came concerning the loss of Sue Ramey; she and Jack were 55+ Club members and close friends to many of us; they are remembered as being very involved in community activities. A report on Jimmy Gilbreth was that he is doing much better from his recent health challenge. Everyone is excited that Lindsey Presson, with Accolade Home Health Care, will be returning from her ‘off time’ due to the birth of new baby boy; she is scheduled to be here Aug. l2.

Various comments were made concerning the flyovers by Jason Davis to rid the area of pesky mosquitoes; it was most welcomed and certainly helped residents have better control in their own yards and etc. We thank the spraying service for that help.

Several future dates have the 55+ Club engaging in community plans for various organizations in Panhandle; more will be coming as those dates get closer and more organized. Stormy Wood and her parents are invited to meet with us, and give us a run down on her upcoming year as she begins her ‘higher education’ at Amarillo College. She was the recipient of the 55+ Scholarship given in May.

Without a doubt, smiles have been seen on many faces due to recent rain measurements. God has blessed the whole Panhandle area; lots and lots of mowing though; overheard a recent comment: ‘I am about ready for the first freeze so I can put the lawn mower away!’... that will come soon enough.

55+ Club News

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building for the regular weekly meeting. Along with lunch, games and visiting, we were treated to a special speaker. Charles Gill had arranged for Laure McAffee to speak to members concerning Medicare Fraud. If you have not heard this information, it would be worth your while to invite her to your organization or club. It is alarming to know what your Medicare Card has on it, that when in the ‘wrong hands,’ can do damage to your ‘pocket book.’

June is our month to elect new officers, but it was the consensus of the members to keep the same officers for another year and elect three new board members to fill the vacancy of those going off the board. Newly elected members are Doris Hobbs, Barbara Scheller and Mike Morgan. They will serve their appointed terms.

Word has been received that ‘our Accolade Home Health Care grandson’ was born June 9, weighing 8 lbs. 7/8 oz. Jensen Lane is the son of Lindsey and Kacey Presson. Congratulations and well wishes go their way. We have enjoyed meeting and sharing lunch with Lindsey’s subs until she returns later in the fall.

Remembrances have gone out to those sick and those having lost family members; Mary Ann Exnisious is still having pain issues; our prayers continue for Jan and Robert Moore and their family; Colene Butler was gone to be with a brother suffering from cancer and also to be with family in the death of a brother-in- law, Boyd Butler. It was good to get the news that Mary Hare, one of our favorite librarians, is back to work after an accidental fall. Jony Thomas lost a sister and our prayers go out to that family.

At the June 24 meeting, a motion was made to donate $1,000 to the Garretson Center's repair fund. We had understood the cooling system had an 'issue' and that is not a cheap item to replace. The 55+ membership was glad to assist in this way. Thank you notes were received from Buck Burk and Dixie Surratt acknowledging the check they received. We would encourage anyone to go by, have lunch with them and see what a real asset that is to our community.

Those celebrating June birthdays were: Sandy Poteet, Mozelle Urbanczyk and Lorene Grisham. None of our present 55+ members chose to be married in June. Mozelle celebrated her 95th birthday and we understand it was a big time for her and the family; 55+ sends great big congratulations, and wishes for peace, good health and contentment in the years she continues to have. Blowing out that many candles on a birthday cake would certainly bring smiles to many faces!

55+ Club News

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

By Clara Jayne Kelly

On Wednesday, May 27, the 55+ Club met in the War Memorial Building. It was a special day as we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Honorees this month for birthdays were: Billie Ray Williams and Mary Smith; only one anniversary, but a big one, 62 years for Waylon and Barbara Scheller.

Lunch was special in honor of Lindsey and Kasey Presson. Lindsey is our favorite Accolade Home Health Care lady and her husband is a fireman in Pampa; they were given a baby shower by 55+ Club members. Someone said, ‘that little boy will have a ton of grandparents!’

The room was decorated in ‘blue’ and lime green with lots of gifts to unwrap. If the child does not get another thing, he will have clothes and etc. until about eighth grade! Congratulations to that family.

We also congratulate all the Panhandle graduates, both seniors and eighth graders. Panhandle is blessed in every way when it comes to students, personnel, and all others who lend time and effort to the school system. With the end of the school year, and ‘free time,’ some young people find themselves on property belonging to other people. It was noted that with all the lake water, it is tempting to go over fences and etc. to check out the area. It is always good to check with property owners prior to that decision, as insurance on that property comes into play; if someone is injured while trespassing, the situation could get messy. Good idea to always check with property owners first.

Stormy Wood was the recipient of the Club’s $500 scholarship for 2015; Stormy’s parents are Linda and Tommy Wood. All those who applied for the scholarship had good information and ideals for further education plans. We congratulate Stormy and wish her, and her classmates, the very best in the coming years.

Cards were sent to the Garcia family in the loss of their father, and a long time community friend, Joe Garcia; to Lorene Grisham, who is having some health issues; the canasta table is really missing her! We were saddened to learn one of our own members, Larry Profitt, lost his battle with cancer. He had been ill for several months and recently went to the Veterans’ Home facility. His memorial service was held Monday, June l.

Charles Gill gave a brief summary on an upcoming talk by the State ‘Senior Citizen’s on Aging’ office. He will contact the lady to be giving the information concerning ‘medicine fraud,’ and the date and time will be forthcoming.

There were smiles on everyone’s faces as they arrived this past Wednesday; Murillo Gilley was back from Dallas to visit family and she came to sit in ‘her rightful place’ and play some dominoes. Always good to have ex club members return for visits. We have been blessed with wonderful rains, but with the good came the ‘nuisance’...mosquitoes! 55+ members had lots of ‘remedies’ for a mosquito bite, but do they actually work?

55+ Club News

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

The 55+ Club met at the War Memorial Building, Wednesday, April l, and there were very few April Fool’s jokes played. Think there was a ‘pact’ made not to do jokes, therefore no one had to be ‘on their toes’ to pranksters. For lunch, the group enjoyed ‘fried chicken,’ with all the trimmings; the rest of the afternoon was spent playing games and finishing a jigsaw puzzle.

Brenda Vermillion was a recent guest and she gave information on the importance of signing up for the Code Red alert system furnished to those living in this community and surrounding areas. If anyone is interested, and has not yet signed up, Brenda can be reached at the Carson County Emergency Management office at the Carson County Law Enforcement Center.

Caroline and Jerry Kelley, Nancy Ruth and Windy Williams were guests of Nancy Garner. Shali and Sasha, granddaughters of Bob and Sue Allison, along with their mother, Shana Allison had lunch with us and even stayed awhile for the Bingo games. Jane and Lloyd Hare brought their granddaughter, Kayla, from San Angelo; think she was enjoying some ‘spring break’ time.

Our thoughts and prayers were sent to several who have been absent due to various medical tests being done; also it has been good to have Colene back from going through some down time with successful cataract surgery. Club members have shown a lot of concern and care for Jan Moore; everyone is trusting that Jan will be blessed with special care and that the new treatment being looked at will be a success. The Moores are special people to this community and have felt the loving concerns of so many. Our heartfelt prayers and cards were sent to Jo Hise in the loss of her daughter, Angela. They were members in the earlier years of the Club, and Jo served as President.

A birthday celebration with ice cream and cake, compliments of Accolade Home Health Care, was enjoyed by the Club; especially the honorees: Angie Beddingfield, Dorothy Broadaway, Marie Slover and Lloyd Hare. We also remember Archie Looten, Cathryn Brown and Don Moore as March birthday friends.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the warm spring weather, except maybe a few who suffer allergy problems, but we are seeing the season come into view with green grass and beautiful blooming trees and flowers. Don’t forget to ‘smile’... a smile is only good, when passed on to someone else; and an easy ‘pay it forward’ experience.

55+ Club News

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The 55+ Club met on Wednesday, Feb. 25, in the War Memorial Building for the weekly meeting, lunch and games. Weather conditions have caused some cancellations of meeting times, but we welcome the fact that we can stay in and just enjoy the snow, knowing the blessing of the moisture we are receiving.

Cards of concern, sympathy and get well have been sent to Chris Schoenhals in the loss of her sister; Larry Profitt, as he is going through some difficult health challenges; the Wally Lanier, Jr. family in their time of loss; we were saddened by the death of a long time member and friend, Marjorie Ewing. And to Ida Roselius, as we share the celebration of her number ‘101 year’ old birthday! Ida was a charter member of 55+, and her vivacious energy was certainly missed when she could no longer meet with us. And we can’t miss announcing: that because she is so special to all the Club members, a ‘baby boy’ shower is being planned at a later date for Lindsey Presson, our Accolade representative and her husband. That baby will have a ‘bunch’ of adopted great-grands for sure!

We have not had too many visitors join us for lunch, but we did get to welcome Nancy Garner’s daughters, Carolyn and Nancy Ruth; they were luncheon guests with Nancy. Also visiting was Jo Orson, a friend of Chris Schoenhals; and what a treat to have Betty Vick, along with her daughter, Carolyn; but the big surprise to all was the return of Murillo Guilley, who recently made a move to the Dallas area. Murillo was here for two Wednesdays, so many friendships were renewed and enjoyed; she is especially missed at the table where the game of ‘88,’ with dominoes, is played.

Bob Allison, chairman of the Board, called a meeting Feb. 4 to discuss the Club’s membership with the area RSVP volunteer organization. After Board discussion, the findings were given to the general membership present on Feb. 11, and by unanimous ‘no’ votes, the decision was made that the 55+ Club would no longer be affiliated with the Area RSVP organization, due to new regulations implemented by RSVP.

Birthdays and anniversaries for January and February were celebrated for Sue Allison, CJ Kelly, Gladys Looten, Darlene Reed; Lloyd and Jane Hare had an anniversary. February birthdays were: Wayne Cox, Betty Vick, Phyllis Prendergast; and former member, Ida Roselius. No wedding anniversaries recorded in February.

Marsha Thomas always leaves us with a smile after our business meeting; she passed this on to us: ‘OUR AGE had heard it all, seen it all, and done it all; WE just can't remember it all!’

55+ Club News

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The Panhandle 55+ Club met Jan. l4, 2015 in the War Memorial Building for the regular weekly meeting. When we start into the winter months, after irregular meetings in December, we are often forced to have ‘cancellations’ due to January and February weather, and that cuts into our Wednesday lunch and game days.

We meet every Wednesday noon for lunch and an afternoon of games. Anyone 55 years of age or older is welcome to join the Seniors; yearly dues are $5, and $l per month for our Scholarship Fund. Another plus is the availability of having blood pressure checks and etc. every second Wednesday of the month; and there is usually a short ‘health alert’ given by Lindsey Pressan after lunch.

Jony Thomas, Vice President, has been filling in for Colene Butler for the last two weeks. Jony said the volunteer hours for December were only 84 hours due to the cancellation of some meetings; but that number is still a good amount of volunteer service by the members.

Everyone appreciated the visit from Carson County Sheriff Loren Brand, as he brought information concerning several scams ‘making the rounds.’ It is good to know we have officials on top of the ‘illegal deeds’ of so many, and can bring ‘warnings’ our way; we need to heed those warnings!

We have had a number on the sick list but they seem to be recovering as the days become more spring like. A card was sent to Tommie Roark in the loss of her brother.

Members all seemed to have had extra good holidays; there was much discussion on various football games ending the sport’s season. Congratulations to the Canadian football program; so proud of their achievement at State; but some NFL games ‘did not bring a smile’ to our faces; however, as the ‘farmer’ says: ‘there is always next year!

55+ Plus Club

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

The 55+ Club met Nov. l9 in the Memorial Building for the regular meeting of club members, lunch together, bingo, games, and other activities for the afternoon. This will be the last meeting of the month
as members gather with friends and families for the Thanksgiving celebrations; Dec. 3 will be the next scheduled meeting time.

Kay Williams brought a beautiful quilt, made by her mom, Clara Parsons that is to be given away soon by the First Baptist Church; contact either of them or other members for details on the ticket prices and etc. Also, Sherry Urbanczyk, representing the local Girl Scout Club came by with two sizes of beautiful poinsettias they are using as a fund raiser for the Girl Scout facility. More information can be obtained from Sherry or any Scout leader; we understand they will be delivered to anyone’s home, at the buyer’s convenience.

Along the same thought, the Club has ended for this season, their Warm Things Project. The items collected will be delivered to the shelter in Amarillo. It was a fun day having ‘drop in’ visitors! Jony Thomas reported l46 volunteer hours from the Club for the month of October.

Other recent guests have been Joyce Hoffman, visiting with her daughter, Evelyn. Joyce, is at the present time, making her home with Evelyn. Coming with them, was Club Member Mary Ann Exnicious, and her daughter, Debbie Meyer. It was interesting to visit and catch up on their lives. Circumstances do make ‘life changes’ for us many times, and there is little we can do to circumvent those changes, but we, as a Club, miss those who can no longer attend our gatherings.

Cards and prayers were sent to Maxie Lisman, as he faces some new health challenges. Our hearts were saddened by the recent passing of one of our dearest members, Lynn Hulsey. He and Neida were here for the Veteran’s Day Program, which Lynn always seemed to enjoy so much, and shortly that evening, he was in a fatal accident. Our love and sympathy was sent to their family and the many close relationships they had with area wide friends.

Lots of Thanksgiving plans were exchanged during the day; many are doing the ‘at home family cooking of the turkey,’ while others are passing it to the next generation and plan to ‘just go’ and enjoy. Several seemed to think stepping out to the nearest restaurant would be the simplest; that idea brought smiles to the faces of those who knew ‘they’ would be in the kitchen Nov. 24. Wherever you are, we wish you a healthy, contented and blessed holiday; there is much to be thankful for!


Thursday, October 9th, 2014

By Clara Jayne Kelly

The 55+ Club met on Wednesday, Oct. 1, in the War Memorial Building for lunch and games. A good number of members came, and the ‘fall’ day was perfect for everyone to join in the fun.

We were glad to have Accolade Home Health come and give flu shots; and a good many members took advantage of the service. Those taking blood pressure, doing cholesterol checks, and etc., plus administering the vaccine, were Lindsey Presson, Beth Bagwell and Tommy Tiver. They also accepted our invitation to stay for lunch.

The only birthdays celebrated in September were Nadine Adams and Doris Hobbs. No anniversaries were announced. We wished Nadine and Doris ‘happy birthday’ with the traditional birthday song; only we change the last line ‘of names’ with the words, ‘God bless you!’

Those of our number going through some health challenges, but doing fine, were Ruth Profitt, Murillo Gilley, Joyce Little and Dorothy Broadaway. A ‘get well’ card was signed and sent from the members to Bill Brown. He had a fall and was in hospital for hip surgery. Thank you cards to the Club were received from Mike Hare and Dorothy Broadaway.

Did not have many guests visit with us of late; but were glad to welcome Jimmy Sue Grantham’s son, Russ Grantham; Lloyd and Jane Hare’s daughter and husband, Cindy and Howard Carpenter; and Pat Smith, guest of Billie Ray Willliams.

Plans are underway for the Nov. 5 Veterans Day lunch and program. Assignments have been made to Club members, and letters have been sent to VA guests; if you are a Veteran and get your invitation, it will help us make better plans if you please RSVP; the members look forward to this particular day when we can honor those who represent such a great effort during years of conflict.

Jony Thomas informed us that the RSVP organization would be having their ‘thank you’ luncheon in Amarillo this year; more information on that later; and Marsha Thomas announced she and Joe have a new granddaughter; those two pieces of news brought smiles to everyone.