October 30th, 2014

Our grand lady, the Panhandle Inn, continues to capture worthy attention. Artist Larry Hilburn generously donated $1181.67 from sell of his art featured in the Square House Museum, and the Summerlee Foundation of Dallas has awarded the Panhandle Inn a $40,000 construction grant. All Phase I grants will be submitted by Jan. 1, 2015.
Strategic planning to solicit funds for Phase II from within the oil and gas industry is underway. Ernest Thompson had the Panhandle Inn built, and it is because of his contributions to the oil and gas industry that funds will be sought from this industry.
Ernest Thompson was a fascinating man of uncompromising character. The Carson County library has a copy of his biography, “Three Stars for the Colonel.” I would encourage adding it to your reading list. He is truly an American hero, he changed the course of history with his work and his legacy will be honored within the renovated Panhandle Inn. And…I CAN’T WAIT!!
SAVE THE INN! Julie Young